Applied Improv for Work & Life

Indiana-based BIG Improv uses improvisational comedy theory and games to engage audiences and teach practical tools for better social skills, choice-making, teamwork, communication, and creativity.  BIG is committed to the growth of strong, playful children and adults through fresh, lively interaction.

For students, Bully Intervention Games help decrease mean behavior and build a climate of respect and fun. These presentations are customizable for any age group and are ideal for school convocations. Interactive keynotes address subjects like “How to Facebook” with personal responsibility and excellence.

For adults and leaders, Better Interaction Games use humor to improve personal communication, leadership skills, stage presence, a sense of team, and the strategic use of positive energy. These interactive presentations are customized for each business or organization and are ideal for professional development or an energy-boosting finale to a conference or retreat.

BIG Improv Camps provide a chance for young people from all parts of the community to come together to “play” improv and grow. Coaching and Tutoring are available for both youth and adults to maximize personal presence, media interaction, social and communication skills.

With games, skits, improv exercises, and laughter peppering each lesson on communication excellence, BIG’s “applied improv” works to help us all laugh, think, and GO big.